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Taking out garbage from room/unit common space

We announce that for reason of more frequent taking out garbage, thus increase hygiene and possibility of common space cleaning, from 5th March 2018 will be taking out garbage cleaning service. Dustbins, which are situated in front of building D, will be moved to common container place behind the building C:

  • Taking out of garbage will take place on Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 7:30 AM
  • Cleaning service will unlock the doors, enter the common space, take rubbish bin, spill its contents, take back and lock the doors.
  • Cleaning service will be taking out rubbish bins only from common space of entrance room(Not from rooms or bathrooms).
  • Cleaning service will not take out separated garbage nor garbage next to the bin.
  • Obligation of cleaning service is not place sack inside of the bin(Students can place sack by oneself) nor wash rubbish bin.

This will be trial attempt. It is not necessary obligetion to students, rather effort to make services at dormitory better.