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Instruction for moving out – Dormitory Jarov I.

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You can move out only during working days during office hours.

  • At the dormitory reception or from the cleaning service you have to get the paper for moving out.
  • The room will be cleaned as well as the storage places, the doors will be without any labels or signs, and refrigerator has to be rinse and defrosted.
  • Furniture must be put at the same place as it was before you moved in the room.
  • Without confirmation from the cleaning service you cannot move out the dormitory.
  • You have to return bedclothes and other things you borrowed in the storage.
  • Blanket, lamp and the pillow stay in the room.
  • You have to give the room keys, dormitory card, confirmation from the cleaning service (it proves that you’ve left the room clean), storage card (from storage) and entrance card (if you borrowed one) to Head of the dormitory.

Before you go to the Head of the dormitory make sure you paid dormitory rent!!!